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Ancient prophecies foretold . . . a book will  come  someday  that will  explain it all  ... !!!

What if God Were One of Us?
By: Anderson Andrews & Archangel Raziel

Because you're a multidimensional being, you're so much more than you'd ever dare to dream ... and yet ... so much less than you could possibly ever imagine.

As humans, the only example we have for enlightenment is Buddha, and the only example we have for ascension is Jesus, but more than 2,000 years have passed since either has lived ... and a lot has changed since then.  This is a book about Spiritual Evolution, not only individually, but for everyone on the planet.
It's about waking up to why you are here during this important time in history, during a period of great transition, chaos, and confusion. Can you make a difference in this world?  Just ask yourself this ... if not you, then who?
It's one of the most self-empowering books ever written.

Avatars have been coming to this world with tidings of hope for thousands of years, but now, the last Avatar our planet will ever know has arrived. 
This time, however … the message he brings is not about hope.

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New 2019 1st Edition ... 452 Pages ... 6 x 9 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-944787-95-0
Tags: Spiritual Self-Healing Light Body

This is Book Seven of the Activating Consciousness Series

  1. Self Empowerment
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Avatars have been coming to Earth for thousands of years ... to assist humanity with survival, to lead them forward, to grow, prosper, and sometimes, to love. Most often, they bring with them tidings of hope for a better world. 

Now that the 'New Age' is finally here, the last Avatar this world will ever know has arrived. This time, he’s come for one purpose, to deliver a message to the entire planet, followed by an Activation that will affect the cellular structure of everyone on the planet ... it's so essential, it could decide the fate of the human race for the rest of eternity. 

The message he brings is the world's last chance ... and to just say ... "I'm Human" ... is no longer a valid excuse.
At the moment, however, he's lost his memory. Time is short, so somehow ... he must remember who he is.
'The Activation' is not only a great book to read, but it’s very healing as well.

The story connects Heaven and Earth in a non-religious ... but a spiritual way.
People all over the world are looking for something new.
They want more than the same worn-out beliefs that have been handed down for generations.
The Activation explains what the ancient teachings have desperately tried to say, explains them, and then applies them to the harsh realities our world is facing ... but it's also a love story ... that takes place during the Christmas season.

This is ... 'spiritual fiction' and self-empowerment  at its very best ... it's the book the world has been waiting to read!
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